Stefano Introduces Senate Resolution to Delay DEP Plan to Fast-Track EPA Mandate on Power

Citing concerns about the potential economic impact on Pennsylvania, Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) has introduced a Senate resolution urging the Department of Environmental Protection to delay implementation of the Environmental Protection’s (EPA) new mandate on state power plans for two years.

Noting that 27 states have joined a lawsuit seeking to block the federal mandate, Stefano said Governor Wolf’s decision to fast-track compliance could have disastrous consequences on Pennsylvania as an exporter of electric power generation, result in job losses, and cripple the state’s economy.

“Until legal challenges to this rule have been decided and a full review of the economic impacts of this rule on Pennsylvania have been completed, I believe it is in the best interest of Pennsylvania to request an extension for submitting a final plan to comply,” Stefano said. “Through this mandate, the EPA is overstepping its authority as a regulator and instead attempting to force energy policies on states.”

Stefano’s resolution would also require the Legislative Budget and Finance Agency to conduct a cost compliance study prior to submission of a final implementation plan.

This study would focus on the impacts and costs of the implementation plan on new and existing electric generation units, as well as other components, including reliability, ratepayer impact, feasibility and other factors.

“In my district, which is made up of many coal patch towns, we have seen mines idled, power plants closed and families’ lives completely upended as they lost their family-sustaining jobs in the coal industry,” Stefano said. “This should serve as a cautionary tale that making rapid changes in energy policy can have far-reaching consequences. My resolution would ensure that decisions which have such a huge and long-term impact on jobs and the economy are made carefully and take into account mitigating factors.”

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