Somerset Borough Awarded Transportation Grant to Improve Historic Center

Somerset Borough has been awarded a $428,928 grant to make improvements to its “Uptown District,” according to Senator Pat Stefano (R-32), who said the funds will help to promote tourism and economic development.

Stefano said the funds are provided by the federal government and administered by the state through its Transportation Alternatives Program.

The grant will be used to replace sidewalk sections with the historic district.

“These improvements will make the Uptown District more attractive, safe and accessible,” Stefano said.  “This is important to local economic development and to promoting tourism in our area.”

Stefano said PennDOT evaluated the applications and made selections based on such criteria as safety benefits, reasonableness of cost, readiness for implementation, statewide or regional significance, integration of land use and transportation decision making, collaboration with stakeholders, and leverage of other projects or funding.

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