Stefano Calls on Governor Wolf to Renounce His Proposal to Cut Rural School District Funding

At a press event in Philadelphia earlier this month, Governor Tom Wolf declared his support for sending all Basic Education funding through the Basic Education Funding Formula that, when enacted, was only intended to be used for newly appropriated education dollars.

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Senator Pat Stefano released the following statement on this proposal:

“Governor Wolf’s new plan for distributing education funding would have a devastating effect on the School Districts of my district. This is another example of Governor Wolf pandering to Philadelphia at the expense of rural Pennsylvania communities like ours. I will fight, with every fiber of my being, Governor Wolf’s disastrous proposal.

All Pennsylvanians, no matter their zip code, deserve a high quality education. Governor Wolf’s proposal would doom our children and all of rural Pennsylvania, to substandard educational opportunities.

While his staff has tried to explain away the Governor Wolf’s emphatic endorsement of this wrongheaded idea, they have left the idea very much on the table. Governor Wolf’s legislative allies have rushed to introduce legislation to implement his proposal.

Governor Wolf should pledge right now to not pursue this shortsighted proposal in any way, over any period of time.”

This proposal would have the following impacts on School Districts in the 32nd Senatorial District:

School District Losses Under Wolf Proposal Total State
2018-19 Funding
State Funding
Cut Percentage
Fayette County Totals $35,608,966 $104,403,435 34.11%
Albert Gallatin Area $8,697,844 $23,892,476 36.40%
Brownsville Area $3,488,963 $12,444,511 28.04%
Connellsville Area $12,092,963 $30,777,578 39.29%
Frazier $4,020,999 $6,954,493 57.82%
Laurel Highlands $2,955,759 $14,297,028 20.67%
Uniontown Area $4,352,717 $16,037,349 27.14%
Somerset County Totals $28,021,813 $57,238,063 48.96%
Berlin Brothervalley $2,797,681 $5,234,285 53.45%
Conemaugh Township Area $4,656,376 $6,776,270 68.72%
Meyersdale Area $5,060,332 $7,299,224 69.33%
North Star $4,013,267 $7,690,437 52.19%
Rockwood Area $1,166,978 $3,439,463 33.93%
Salisbury Elk-Lick $1,239,231 $1,991,607 62.22%
Shade Central City $2,257,867 $3,993,131 56.54%
Shanksville-Stonycreek $422,816 $1,588,848 26.61%
Somerset Area $859,184 $8,113,558 10.59%
Turkeyfoot Valley Area $670,756 $2,362,378 28.39%
Windber Area $4,877,325 $8,748,862 55.75%
Westmoreland County
32nd District Funding Losses
Belle Vernon Area $4,615,895 $9,761,483 47.29%
Monessen City $1,812,954 $6,233,596 29.08%
Mount Pleasant Area $3,937,610 $9,132,380 43.12%
Southmoreland $4,591,952 $9,728,364 47.20%
Yough $4,275,329 $9,892,599 43.22%

Benjamen Wren
Chief of Staff
Office of Senator Pat Stefano
Pennsylvania’s 32nd Senatorial District

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