Meeting to consider Senate Bill 1153, and House Bills 582, 1153, and 1409

Senate Game and Fisheries Committee

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Off the Floor

Meeting to consider the following bills:

  • SB 1153 (Corman): Amends Title 34 to provide for the use of electronic game calls for deer hunting.
  • HB 582 (Gillespie): Amends Title 34 to provide for the creation of a volunteer instructor license.
  • HB 1153 (Boback): Amends title 30 and 34 providing for reciprocity for fishing licenses and hunting licenses for active duty military members and disabled veterans
  • HB 1409 (Wentling): Amends Title 34 providing for reduced hunting license fees for nonresident disabled veterans and former prisoners of war.
    • Amendment A09265 (Stefano): Removes lines 9 through 24 on page 5 of the bill related to permit exemptions.
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