Stefano Named Chairman of Senate Law and Justice Committee

Today State Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati announced that he has appointed State Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) as the Chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee.

The Law and Justice Committee oversees the Liquor Control Board, PA State Police and law enforcement issues, and marijuana legislation.

Senator Stefano remarked on his appointment saying, “I’m very excited to lead the Senate Law & Justice Committee. I am looking forward to conducting oversight on how recent changes to our liquor laws are serving Pennsylvania and how we can improve access, revenue and continue promote the responsible consumption of alcohol in Pennsylvania. I believe that we must keep making steps to improve our retail system to maximize our revenue while putting consumer convenience and safety first.

I am also eager to work with our state and local law enforcement agencies to ensure they have the tools they need to protect our communities. Police coverage is a major struggle for many of our communities but one that I think the state can play a more helpful role.

Finally, given Governor Wolf’s recent call to begin a discussion on legalizing recreational marijuana, I intend to host a series of hearings on the subject to examine the issues relating to health, its effect on illegal drug use, other states’ experience and its potential effect on our current medical marijuana program so that the Senate may have all the relevant information to educate themselves on the issue.”

Stefano said he anticipates a busy agenda “The Law & Justice Committee is a very influential committee in the Senate. It deals with some of our most important and talked about issues like public safety and liquor privatization. When I ran for the Senate I made clear that I thought there were major changes needed in this area and during the budget standoffs in 2015 I felt very strongly that until we maximized the revenue possible from this asset we shouldn’t be asking constituents for a tax increase.  As chair of this committee I intend to explore this issue fully.”


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