Stefano Named to Key Senate Committees

Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) received his committee assignments for the 2019-20 Legislative Session.

It was previously announced that Stefano would serve as the Chairman of the Law & Justice Committee (See Release Here), which oversees alcohol, police and marijuana legislation. In addition, Stefano will serve as the vice chair of the Community Economic Recreational Development Committee which oversees the Department of Community & Economic Development, which is responsible for job creation tax credits, tourism, and attracting and retaining businesses, and oversees the Gaming Control Board. Stefano was also re-appointed to the Rules & Executive Nominations, State Government and Transportation Committees. Finally Stefano will serve on the Communications & Technology Committee. 

Stefano was appointed to the committees by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati (R-25).

Stefano, who served as President of the Fayette Chamber of Commerce and is a Board Member of the Fay-Penn Economic Development board, said he is pleased to serve as vice chair of a committee that will focus its efforts on job creation and economic development. “Economic Development has been a key focus of mine. With a casino here in the district, our large tourism industry and our communities needing jobs and the workforce to fill those jobs this is a critical committee for me to be on.”

Stefano was also pleased with his other assignments, “I’m excited to remain on the Transportation and State Government in particular. I have been an active participant in the conversation about transportation in my district. We have many needs including finding the funding for the last 5.5 miles of Route 219 and ensuring the completion of the Mon Fayette Expressway, which I led a bipartisan effort to protect the funding for.

I have many bills and unfinished work on the State Government Committee with regards to reform and the election reform package I’m announcing with a bipartisan group of senators next week. It’s critical that we continue the effort to reform the way PA operates its government and continue to make it more transparent and cost efficient.”

As a member of the Senate Rules and Executive Nominations Committee, Stefano will play a key role in both the legislative and executive nomination process. In addition to considering Senate bills returning on concurrence from the House of Representatives, this committee is charged with consideration of Governor Wolf’s executive nominations for his cabinet and various boards.


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