Governor’s Restaurant Relief is “Too Little, Too Late”

After the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board voted to waive liquor license renewal fees for 2021, Senator Pat Stefano (R-32), chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee and third-generation business owner, issued the following statement:

“The action of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, at the urging of the Governor, fails to recognize that too many of these establishments are facing closure and will not survive into next year to see the benefit of having their license renewals fees waived for 2021.  Even worse, these restaurants, taverns, and clubs are being asked to pay the renewal fee for the year 2020 while many of them are still unable to operate profitably.”

“Offering a waiver for renewal fees gives relief on the wrong side of the ledger.  They are concerned about finding a way to remain open another week or just another day; what they really need is to be allowed to reopen and generate revenue, not cut expenses. 

“Overwhelmingly, I have heard from employers across our Commonwealth that what they need most is the ability to operate their business while prioritizing safety.  The reason this industry is in such dire need, despite making safety their priority and following all the guidelines, is due to the Governor refusing to ease the burdensome restrictions he has put placed on them.”


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