Stefano Appalled Wolf Again Tramples Civil Liberties with Veto

HARRISBURG –Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tom Wolf’s veto of a bill that would have prohibited vaccine passports and limited government overreach:

“For months on end, Gov. Tom Wolf told Pennsylvanians whether they were allowed to go to work, the gym or their child’s daycare center. He dictated so much in the name of the pandemic, wiping away our right to make our own decisions for our health and that of our families.

“After such a terrible experience that most of us never could have imagined possible, it’s understandable that people are fearful of the government again usurping power that it doesn’t have. That’s why my colleagues and I supported legislation to ban vaccine passports. There’s been too much government intrusion in our personal lives already, so we didn’t want to take a chance on it happening again, even though the governor said he wouldn’t enforce vaccine passports because he thinks businesses should have the right to make their own decisions about how they conduct their operations.

“Given the closures and limitations he forced on employers all across the Commonwealth, his statement falls pretty flat. He also defended his veto of the bill by saying that it’s important for the Secretary of Health to be able to tell us to wash our hands. The fact that he thinks it’s the government’s job to tell the people it serves something so obvious is offensive and speaks to the exact reason my colleagues and I felt that the legislation was needed in the first place. I am appalled that he vetoed a bill designed to preserve our civil liberties.”


Contact: Mark Fetzko, 717-787-7175