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  • Reinforcing State Law for Second Amendment Rights
  • Approving Tax Reform Measure for Small Business Employers
  • Returning Lost Honors on Veterans’ Day
  • Helping PA’s Economy and Veterans
  • Financial Assistance Available Soon for Homeowners
  • Control Your Electricity Costs with PA Power Switch

Reinforcing State Law for Second Amendment Rights

The Senate voted to reinforce Pennsylvanians’ Constitutional right to bear arms while continuing to safely protect our communities by preventing municipalities from bypassing state law prohibiting them from regulating firearms and ensuring those legally allowed to own a gun can carry it openly or concealed, without needing a permit.

Senate Bill 448 allows for an individual or member organization to sue a county or municipality that implements a local firearms ordinance in violation of existing state law; allows for individuals adversely affected by local action to seek relief and damages; puts the burden on the municipality to defend its actions instead of placing the burden on the individual; and makes it clear the General Assembly is the only elected body that is responsible for passing legislation related to the right to bear arms.

The legislation seeks to maintain uniformity in gun laws across the state and level the playing field for gun owners by allowing recovery of legal fees and damages if the municipality is found in violation of the state’s preemption law.

Senate Bill 565 would decriminalize the carrying of guns without a license. Use of firearms, whether criminal or for self-defense, is still controlled by other Pennsylvania statutes that remain unchanged.

Both bills now head to the state House of Representatives for consideration.

Approving Tax Reform Measure for Small Business Employers

The Senate approved legislation to advance small business tax reform that would help move Pennsylvania out of a pandemic economy and create jobs for Pennsylvanians.

Senate Bill 347 would eliminate a disadvantage faced by Pennsylvania small businesses when competing with those in other states. Under federal tax law, a “like-kind” exchange under the Internal Revenue Code allows for tax deferral when property is exchanged for similar property. This long-standing federal provision allows employers to invest in the job-creating assets businesses need to remain competitive. Every state but Pennsylvania provides for a similar deferral on the state level.

The bill will now be sent to the House of Representatives for consideration. It is part of a Small Business Tax Reform Package to help employers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and mandated shutdowns. Small businesses create 65% of the jobs in the commonwealth.

The Senate previously passed Senate Bill 349 to bring state tax law governing expense deductions in line with federal law, eliminating the unequal treatment of small businesses in Pennsylvania. The increase in limits makes it easier for employers to buy equipment and to invest, which promotes job growth.

Returning Lost Honors on Veterans’ Day

11/11/21 - Sen. Stefano & Treasurer Garrity, Veterans Day

I was honored to spend Veterans’ Day with retired Army Reserve Colonel and our current Treasury Secretary Stacy Garrity at a pair of press conferences to recognize Veterans Day and highlight efforts to return the unclaimed military decorations and memorabilia housed in the Pennsylvania Treasury’s vault to their rightful owners.

Treasurer Garrity and I encouraged Pennsylvanians to search Treasury’s database of unclaimed military decorations and memorabilia to help return priceless medals – including Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars – to the veterans who earned them. Military items most often come to Treasury as contents of abandoned or forgotten safe deposit boxes.

Most tangible property is auctioned due to space restrictions after being held for three years, with the proceeds remaining to be claimed by a rightful owner any time. However, military decorations and memorabilia are held in perpetuity until Treasury can get them back to the veteran who earned them or their family.

Throughout our nation’s history, military service has been considered a great honor. As we observe Veterans Day, we should remember that this holiday is not about battles fought, planes downed or bombs dropped. It is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and making extraordinary sacrifices. It’s about the incredible debt we owe them.

Secretary Garrity has returned more than 225 military decorations and memorabilia which were housed in Treasury’s vault as part of the state’s unclaimed property program. Another 500 are in the process of being returned.

“On this Veterans Day, I want every one of Pennsylvania’s nearly 800,000 veterans to know they are appreciated and respected for their selfless service to our country. As a veteran myself, I have seen first-hand the sacrifices made by our service members and their families to ensure the freedoms we all enjoy. To each one of them, I say thank you.”

Following the press conference in Uniontown, Secretary Garrity joined me in marching in the Veterans’ Day parade in Uniontown.

Helping PA’s Economy and Veterans

To support Pennsylvania’s economy and veterans, the Senate supported legislation that would establish a Veteran-owned Business Loan Guarantee Program and would clarify the Veterans Preference Law to include veterans who served honorably but were discharged with a disability before completing their initial obligation.

Senate Bill 830 would create a program providing loan guarantees to commercial lending institutions that make loans to veteran-owned businesses. The program would authorize the Commonwealth Financing Authority to guarantee up to 50% of the outstanding principal of the loan, limited to $250,000 for any one loan.

Senate Bill 849 would add an exemption for those with a disability discharge and would ensure that veterans with medical discharges receive the preference with seeking careers within the Commonwealth.

Both bills now move to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Financial Assistance Available Soon for Homeowners

Pennsylvania has been allocated $350 million through the federal Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) to help homeowners behind on their mortgage and other home-related expenses due to the pandemic. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) will administer the program and is working to develop the Pennsylvania HAF program, which must be approved by the U.S. Treasury before it can become operational.

Pennsylvania’s program will include an online and mobile application portal. Applicants will be able to apply and submit required documentation through the web-based application or may be assisted by a third-party counseling agency.

The program is expected to be available in the coming months, but homeowners may sign up now to receive updates about the financial relief. Click here to be notified or for more information.

Control Your Electricity Costs with PA Power Switch

As electric costs are on the rise and only projected to worsen throughout this winter, there has never been a better time to be proactive about controlling your electricity costs.

You can shop for your electricity and choose your supplier, regardless of your local utility, by researching your options on

Under state law, you have the option to switch to a competing supplier which can offer the lowest price or provide a specific service you want such as green or renewable energy. The electric utility that distributes your electricity will remain the same. You would simply be taking advantage of the power of competitive retail electric shopping to see if a better price is available with a supplier. offers comparison data regarding price, fixed-price contract terms, renewable content, deposit/cancellation fees and other consumer information.

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