Senate Approves Stefano Bill to Increase School Hiring Transparency



Harrisburg — Legislation sponsored by Senator Pat Stefano (R-32) to increase transparency in the process of hiring of school officials and ensure that taxpayers have access to employment contract information was approved by the Senate today.

Senate Bill 592 would require school boards to publicly disclose employment information before hiring a district superintendent, assistant district superintendent or principal.

“The cost of education continues to go up, putting pressure on taxpayers who have to foot the bill,” said Stefano. “It is unacceptable that these major expenditures and hiring decisions could be made in the dark.”

Under Stefano’s legislation, when a school board extends an offer of employment to a district superintendent, assistant district superintendent, associate superintendent, or any principal, it must first post the terms of employment on the school district’s public website at least two weeks prior to it being approved.

The posting must provide the details of the final offer, including salary and the length of the employment contract.

“These are key positions with huge salaries, and citizens deserve the opportunity to examine the contracts and provide feedback to elected school board members,” Stefano said. “Passage of Senate Bill 592 will shine the light on these actions, which can only lead to better hires and more responsible spending.”

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