Senator Stefano comments on Masontown Shooting

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those effected by the tragedy yesterday in Masontown. Our entire community stands ready to support the victims as they recover from this horrific experience. 

I am so grateful to the police and first responders who’s quick and decisive action yesterday saved lives. 

Mr Rogers told us in times of crisis look for the helpers. Yesterday the helpers could be seen everywhere. They were seen in the police who dashed from their lunch to respond to the sound of gunshots. They were seen in the people shielding each other from the gunfire. They were seen in the individuals who literally gave the shirts off their back to stop the bleeding of those who were struck. They were seen in the fire and EMS responders who cared for the victims. Finally they were seen in the community that came together to offer reassurance and comfort to those reeling from what they had just lived through. 

We thank God for all of them: the police, the fire and EMS responders and the everyday helpers, who prove everyday that our community is better than the violence that was perpetrated on it yesterday. 

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