Stefano: Restaurants, Taverns Need Ways to Increase Revenues Not a Handout

(HARRISBURG) – After Governor Wolf announced he will provide token assistance to the state’s struggling restaurants and taverns, Senator Pat Stefano (R-32), chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee and third-generation business owner, issued the following statement:

“The Governor’s most recent proposal fails to recognize the fact that there aren’t going to be restaurants and taverns left to pay application fees if changes are not made to allow these employers to reopen safely. As a former business owner, the Governor should understand that his plan provides relief on the wrong side of the ledger. These employers need relief that increases revenue – not one that cuts expenses.

“The primary reason this industry needs help is because of Governor Wolf’s convoluted mandates. We have heard time and again from restaurant and tavern owners that what they want is the ability to safely and effectively run their business, not a one-time handout.“Earlier this week, Governor Wolf vetoed House Bill 2513, a measure designed to provide relief from these burdensome restrictions by allowing the minimum capacity to expand to 50 percent, remove the ban on bar service, and eliminate the meal requirement to purchase alcohol.

“From the beginning, bars and restaurants in Pennsylvania recognized the need to play a role in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and followed health protocols and guidelines to keep their establishments and customers safe.  Despite making every conceivable effort to operate safely, they have faced increasingly burdensome restrictions that are putting many restaurants and bars out of business and people out of work.”

CONTACT: Jake Gery

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