PA Can’t Print the Money Wolf Needs for His Budget, Stefano Says

HARRISBURG – Sen. Pat Stefano (R-32) issued the following statement following the budget address that Gov. Tom Wolf delivered today to a joint session of the General Assembly:

“Gov. Wolf is the same person who arbitrarily closed Pennsylvania’s businesses, and now he has the nerve to act like a hero by saying he wants to dedicate money the state doesn’t have to help them recover,” Sen. Stefano said. “Unlike the federal government, we don’t have the ability to just print enough money to fund whatever initiatives catch our eye.

“Household budgets are shrinking significantly because of skyrocketing costs for the basics like food and fuel. It’s definitely not the time for the governor’s tax and spend policies, which have never worked in Pennsylvania.

“He’s also pushing for a minimum wage hike, which is disingenuous since people aren’t being paid minimum wage anymore anyway. Not to mention, the governor should not be making mandates on the state’s businesses. Especially given the chaos that resulted from his COVID-19 closures, we can be confident the free market handles business issues far better.”

Contact: Mark Fetzko, 717-787-7175

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