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COVID-19 Updates

I am pleased to hear that today the Department of Health (DOH) in conjunction with the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force announced the start of the special initiative to vaccinate targeted industry workers and to accelerate the vaccination timetable for those in Phases 1B, 1C and 2.

All Pennsylvanians will be eligible to schedule vaccination appointments beginning April 19.

Pennsylvania will begin the following accelerated phased rollout:

  • March 31 workers in the four targeted industries that Gov. Wolf and the Task Force announced on March 12:
    • Law enforcement, which includes police, sheriffs and deputies, constables, corrections officers and staff, as well as probation and parole staff.
    • Firefighters, including career and volunteer firefighters.
    • Grocery Store workers, including all workers in supermarkets and grocery stores. 
    • Food and Agriculture workers, including all food processing company employees, including meat, poultry, and dairy processing, fresh fruit and vegetable packing operations, food manufacturing, all farmworkers, farm operators, and farm managers, including at urban agriculture operations.
  • April 5 all residents in Phase 1B will be eligible to start scheduling vaccination appointments.
  • April 12 all residents in Phase 1C will be eligible to start scheduling vaccination appointments.
  • April 19, all residents will be eligible to start scheduling vaccination appointments.

For Fayette County Residents: I encourage you to sign up for the Fayette County COVID-19 Vaccine Taskforce’s vaccination registry to help streamline this rollout locally.  The task force will continue to assist vaccine providers in scheduling vaccinations here in Fayette County to ensure a vaccine for everyone who wants one.

If you would like to sign up for the Fayette Vaccine Registry, you can complete this by:

Once submitted, information will be added to the list of vaccine requests.

For Somerset County Residents: I encourage you to sign up with one of the providers receiving support from the Cambria-Somerset COVID-19 Task Force.

In Somerset, vaccines are being provided by:

CVS Pharmacy– Somerset

Highlands Health

Mainline Pharmacy

Giant Eagle Pharmacy

  • Online at
  • Somerset—Center Avenue by phone at (814) 443-0544
  • Somerset—Glades Pike by phone at (814) 443-3152

UPMC Somerset

For Westmoreland County Residents: The county has compiled an extensive list of providers across the county who are providing vaccinations to residents.  In the 32nd District portion of the county, you can sign up for vaccinations at:

Dialysis Clinic Inc. Mount Pleasant

Genoa Healthcare 20270 

Haydens Pharmacy

Frick Hospital      

Giant Eagle Pharmacy #0053      

Rite Aid Store #10891

Rite Aid Store #02466

You can find the full Westmoreland County Vaccine Provider list by following this link:

Pennsylvania Residents can also choose to use the Department of Health’s Vaccine Provider Map to find a vaccine provider nearest them. The department has said that they will continue to update the map as the federal government increases the number of pharmacy chains receiving vaccine through the Federal Retail Pharmacy Partnership.

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