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  • Two Township Supervisors Celebrate Retirement
  • Human Service Council Honors Sue Quinn
  • LH Teacher Named One of the Best in PA
  • Remembering Pearl Harbor in Fayette
  • Grocery Outlet Opens in Uniontown
  • Senate Finalizes 2023-24 State Budget
  • Bill to Safeguard Transit Operators Passes Senate
  • Senate Votes to Preserve Prescription Benefits for Seniors
  • 2024 Fishing Licenses, Permits for Sale Now
  • Don’t Get Scammed This Holiday Season
  • Celebrating Bill of Rights Day

Two Township Supervisors Celebrate Retirement

Two Fayette County, PA township supervisors are celebrating retirement this year:  Menallen Township Supervisor John Yantko and Wharton Township Supervisor Jim Means. After each serving their respective township for over 30 years, the two were honored at the county’s Township Supervisors Association’s annual dinner. Congratulations and best wishes to both for a happy retirement!

Human Service Council Honors Sue Quinn

Congratulations to Sue Quinn, outreach coordinator for my office, who received the Fayette County Human Service Council Impact Worker of the Year award! Sue has a long history of non-profit work and volunteerism in Fayette County. We appreciate her hard work here and it’s a great pleasure that others see the same.

LH Teacher Named One of the Best in PA

Congratulations to Laurel Highlands School District’s Justin Ward, who was one of 12 finalists for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. This week, the Department of Education held its annual Keystone Awards of Excellence ceremony, where all of the educators were honored.

Mr. Ward is a life skills teacher at Laurel Highlands High School where he fosters a safe, comfortable environment in his classroom for each of his students to thrive. Thank you, Mr. Ward, for all that you do!

Remembering Pearl Harbor in Fayette

Last week, the North Union VFW held its annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day celebration. Great to spend time with local veterans and the Albert Gallatin JROTC.

Grocery Outlet Opens in Uniontown

Last week, the Uniontown Grocery Outlet held their grand opening and a ribbon cutting with the Fayette Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations and welcome to Uniontown!

Senate Finalizes 2023-24 State Budget

The Senate on Wednesday finalized the 2023-24 state budget by approving two major bipartisan budget implementation bills, which have now been enacted into law.

A large portion of the 2023-24 state budget was completed in August with enactment of the General Appropriations Act. However, several important components still required additional budget implementation language to be passed by both the Senate and House and signed by the governor.

House Bill 1300 (Fiscal Code amendments) and House Bill 301 (School Code amendments) make major investments in the future of Pennsylvania and achieve many of the principles and priorities identified by Senate Republicans as a focus in March.

House Bill 1300 includes several important and time-sensitive measures, including reauthorization of funding for county 911 systems, expansion of a tax credit helping parents seek and maintain employment and allocation of funding for an additional 100 Pennsylvania State Police troopers to help make our communities safer. House Bill 301 includes many provisions to expand education empowerment and access and increase school safety. Read more.

Bill to Safeguard Transit Operators Passes Senate

The Senate passed legislation to safeguard transit operators against assault.

Senate Bill 977 would make it a felony of the third degree to interfere with and cause bodily injury to an operator of any public transit vehicle. The offense would be steepened to a felony of the first degree if the intrusion causes serious bodily injury or death.

Passage of the legislation is part of Senate Republicans’ ongoing effort to invest in infrastructure and increase public safety.

Senate Votes to Preserve Prescription Benefits for Seniors

Legislation to preserve senior citizens’ access to the state’s PACE and PACENET prescription drug benefit plans passed the Senate and is set for enactment.

Senate Bill 607 would continue a law set to expire this year through Dec. 31, 2025 that prevents Social Security cost-of-living increases from making seniors ineligible for PACE and PACENET.

Current income eligibility levels for PACE are set at less than $14,500 for a single person and less than $17,700 for a couple. PACENET, which covers those individuals with incomes exceeding PACE maximums, is open to individuals earning between $14,500 and $33,500 and couples with incomes between $17,700 and $41,500. The minimum age to participate in the programs is 65, and they are funded from proceeds of the Pennsylvania Lottery.

2024 Fishing Licenses, Permits for Sale Now

Fishing licenses, permits and vouchers for 2024 purchased now are valid immediately through Dec. 31, 2024. The price of an annual resident fishing license is $27.97. Multi-year options are also available in increments of three years, five years or 10 years.

They can be purchased through the HuntFishPA online portal on the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website, via smartphone by using the FishBoatPA mobile app or by visiting a retail license issuing agent.

Vouchers that can be given as gifts and are redeemable by recipients are also available.

Don’t Get Scammed This Holiday Season

Sadly, just as the holiday season is often a charitable time, there are people hoping to take advantage by scamming others.

From email and text phishing to delivery stealing to credit card skimming and more, there are so many ways to fall prey. Learn more about the common scams criminals use.

Protect yourself and your family by setting up alerts with your credit card company so you know when purchases are made and avoid paying with a prepaid gift card, CashApp or Venmo to buy a gift online. Never use Alexa to find a customer support number and dial for you or click on a hyperlink in an email, social media ad or text message to make a purchase. Instead, go directly to the store’s website.

Celebrating Bill of Rights Day

Friday, Dec. 15, is Bill of Rights Day, when we recognize the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. For 232 years, these amendments have protected our right to speak our mind, defend our families and worship as we see fit.

We hold those liberties – and the others that make up the Bill of Rights – dear and cherish how they impact our daily life as the true framework of our society.

Bill of Rights Day was first observed on the document’s 150th anniversary when former President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a proclamation dedicating Dec. 15 as the day to recognize our God-given rights.


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