Failed to Receive a PEBT Card? Senator Stefano Can Help

My office has received an alarming number of requests for assistance surrounding the PEBT cards usually delivered prior to a school year by the Department of Human Services.  My office has uncovered an error in the processing of these requests that have left residents of my district without those essential services.  

Fortunately, we can help!  All we need is the following information so that my office can alert the Department of Human Services about the error.  The information will be sent at the end of each week to DHS.  With the following information, a new card will be issued. 

If you fail to receive a replacement within the next 4 weeks, or if you have additional concerns or questions, please reach out to my office by calling 724-616-1611.  Anyone in my office will be happy to discuss with you this or any issue with which you may have concerns.


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